WAOL Reports


Use the Reports link above to access reports about courses, instructors and books. The reports provide the following information:

Course List Report

WAOL offers three types of courses:

  • System-funded, shared
  • College-funded, shared
  • College-funded, private

Use this report to find courses that your college can share.

Click here for more details on course types.


Instructor List

Use this report to obtain credential, degree, email address and telephone-number information for currently and recently active instructors.

Book Order Report

Use this report to find books needed for shared courses. You can search the book information by quarter or WAOL ID.


Web Grading Courses Report

Use this report to determine which courses are affected at your college by WAOL web grading. Courses which appear on this report should be excluded from your end-of-quarter roster creation process.

It is important that instructors are not given a grading roster at your campus through the instructor Briefcase for WAOL shared courses. Instructors will be given grading rosters for WAOL shared courses at the WAOL website and will use those rosters for submitting grades to students at your college.


Instructor Class Report

Use this report to monitor the following information:

  • how many students are enrolled in each instructor's section.
  • when grades have been completed for shared courses
  • when books have been ordered by the Lead Instructor

You can search the information by Course Type, WAOL ID, Year/Quarter and College.

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