Shared Courses

Sharing courses is unique to WAOL. Here's how it works: A college creates and submits a course to WAOL. Once the class is approved and assigned a WAOL Course ID number, other colleges can adopt the course and offer it to their students.

The college adopting (or offering) the course assigns its own name and item number to the course. When the college builds the course in its system, they identify the course with the appropriate WAOL ID number. When a student enrolls into a course that has a WAOL ID, the enrollment is entered into the WAOL database. The enrollments into the shared course from the various colleges are pooled together at WAOL and an automated procedure breaks them down into separate classrooms. The college that hires the instructor decides on the class capacity and the college that enrolls the student pays an instruction fee to the teaching college.

Lead Instructors

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