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This guide has been created as a tool to make your research online as simple as possible. The information we provide has been provided to us by the Washington state community and technical colleges. 

You will be best served to locate a local community or technical college, contact them and set up a meeting with an advisor; you can then directly inquire about what online courses and services they offer. 


1. First, determine if online learning is a good option for you by taking our assessment quiz.

2. Check to see that you have the proper skills and system requirements for online learning.

  • My computer has the technical requirements.
  • I have access to a computer with the minimum requirements.
  • I have the skills required to be an effective online student.

3. Browse different certificate programs and online degrees offered.

4. Locate a college.

  • Use our College Lookup dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the page to locate a local college.

5. Browse our Class Schedule for classes offered by your college. 

6. Can’t locate the course(s) you want through your local college? Return to our online Class Schedule, search for the course you want and then contact the college offering the course(s) to see if you can enroll with them online.

7. Enroll at a college and register for classes.



8. On the Class Schedule page, click the Class Details link to look up information about your course. For courses listed with a WAOL number note that the start/stop dates may differ from your college's dates.  

9. Check with your college's bookstore to order your texts and course materials.

10. Browse the Student Handbook for courses listed as WAOL courses.


11. Get your login instructions from your college and get started!


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