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Success Stories

Here's what some Washington students are saying about their online learning experiences:

"I am thrilled because I can take the classes I need at my convenience. I don't have the time to devote a couple evenings a week to go in to the college. It is wonderful - I can order my books on line, register, and take my classes all from home. It doesn't interfere with my family or my job. It has made my life amazingly wonderful - I don't miss a half-day of work or pay like I had to with on-ground courses. The bottom line is I wouldn't be able to go back to school if it wasn't for the online classes."
- Cindy Wood, working toward a degree in business management and marketing from Everett Community College

"I absolutely love online classes. It allows me to be at home with my family. I can do my work around my own schedule, like after my kids have gone to bed. I highly recommend online learning to other students."
- Brent Timm, working towards a transfer degree from Wenatchee Valley College with the goal of earning teaching credentials

"The reason I prefer online classes is because I work full time and have two children. The online classes allow me to work the class around my family schedule. It gives me tremendous flexibility. It has been rewarding and convenient."
- Vicki Gore, working toward a degree in business administration from Yakima Valley Community College

"My daily schedule starts with work and my daughter at childcare. While the kids are napping and I have a lunch hour, I can work on my class work. I can work throughout the day, where otherwise I could not if I was going to the physical college. I have the flexibility to attend when it is convenient for me. Being as busy as I am, if it weren't for the online classes, I could not have been able to go to school."
- Callie Elmes, taking early childhood education classes from Wenatchee Valley College

"What I like [about online classes] is that I can go any time. I print out my assignments and work while I am home schooling the kids. This enables me to work my school around my schedule and not my schedule around my school."
- Lynn Barquet, taking online classes from Highline Community College and WashingtonOnline

"Online classes are a dream come true for me because I could get a raise at work by finishing school, plus I got a better job. I work for a school district, and I now have better pay, a better job, and better benefits. I am working in human services, and I think that taking online classes through the college prepared me well for doing it at the university level."
- Suzanne Stanton, taking online classes from Wenatchee Valley College

"The beauty of online classes is that you can go online at any time. I can go online a bit here and a bit there each day. I can also go online at night, and take it in little chunks. It makes it easier to round out the hours involved with the class. I think it is an opportunity that some people that are working would not have otherwise to further their education. It sure does open up more possibilities."
- Eric Cramer, working toward an AAS degree in a multi-occupation trade as an extension to his apprenticeship program


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