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Blackboard Login Information

When can I login to my Blackboard classes?

If you attempt to login to your classroom before the "Classroom Open" date listed for your class, you will be denied access and may receive a login error message.

To find out when you can login, follow these steps:

  • Look up your class in the WAOL class schedule
  • Click "Class Details"
  • Locate the "Classroom Open", "Class Begins" and "Class Closed" dates. (classes may not begin/end on the same dates. Look up date info for each class you are enrolled in)


NEW & RETURNING STUDENTS - login instructions:

  • Go to Blackboard and click "Login"


  • UserID = waol + your 9-digit Student ID (i.e. waol111222333)
  • Password = first 5 letters of your last name (i.e. Johnson=johns, Lee=lee, O'Reilly=oreil)


  • UserID = waol + your student ID number (i.e. waol111222333)
  • Password = password from previous quarter

Once you have logged in:

Protect your security! Upon logging in for the first time, please change your password by clicking the "Personal Information" link in the Tools box at the left side of the page and then "Change Password." Make a note of your new password in a secure location.

When logging in to Blackboard or creating a new password, keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive.

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